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API Call - Weather - View Forecast


This call is designed to produce the five-day weather forecast for a port.

format json, xml, html
port_id The port's ID

Call Format:


Example 1:

Output: An HTML page showing the five-day weather forecast for the port of Adelaide (Port ID for Adelaide = 20).

Output Fields:

Output fields Descriptions Examples
id Weather identifier for the requested port.  3079
location Location name Adelaide
country Country name Australia
continent Continent  Australasia
  The following fields are repeated for each day of the 5 day forecast  
day date= The date of the displayed weather information. 2012-01-01
day_weather Description of the weather. Light rain shower (Day)
day_weather_type An integer for the weather type.
This can be used to display an appropriate icon, such as found in the Reference Data
day_temp Temperature 22
night_weather Day number of the weather forecast.  
night_weather_type Maximum temperature in degree celsius.  
night_temp Minimum temperature in degree celsius.  

Output example:

Example Output



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