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API Response - Error codes and messages


Findaport API provides descriptive error outputs, normally consisting of an Error Code and accompanying Error Message.

The format of the error output is generally same as the requesting format. This is the case for XML and JSON requests.

There are two exceptions to the above:

  • Unrecognised API calls of any format are returned with HTTP status code 404 and a plain text error message.
  • HTML requests are returned with the error message in plain text, as we believe this is easier to parse.

Table of Error Conditions

Error Condition Description HTTP Status Code Error Code Error Message
Bad API call Incorrect API call URL 404 10 Error code 10: The requested API call does not exist
API key - Not Supplied   200 11 No API key supplied
API key - Invalid   200 11 API key is invalid
API key - Expired   200 12 Your API key has expired
API key - Out of IP Range   200 13 Your IP address doesn't fall within the allowed IP range for this API key
API key - suspended   200 14 Your API key has been suspended
Usage - Throttled   200 21 You've been throttled for unusually high usage.
Invalid Resource ID Invalid ID for Port, Country, ACE report etc. 200 30 Various depending on requested resource type
Invalid Sub-resource Name e.g. when requesting Port Section 200


cdserial not provided e.g. when FindaportCD is in Trial mode 200 41 cdserial parameter cannot be empty
cdserial invalid e.g. an invalid CD Serial No. has been provided by FindaportCD 200 42 Invalid cdserial
No search results found   200 50 Your search returned no results. Please try changing your search criteria
Search Results maximum reached   200 51
Your search would have returned {{search_results}} results which is more than the maximum allowed results of {{max_results}} per request. Please use the 'results' param to limit the results returned. e.g. 'results={{max_results}}'
Editable in settings under name of 'search_results_limit_error_msg'
Search paging out of range   200 52
Your requested results page of {{page}} doesn't exist. Your search has {{search_results}} search results and at {{results_per_page}} per page, there are a total of {{pages}} pages. Please lower your 'page' param to be less than or equal to {{pages}}.
Editable in settings under name of 'search_page_out_of_range_msg'.

Error Output Formats


<code>[numerical error code]</code>
<message>[descriptive error message</message>



    "error": { "code": [numerical error code],
               "message":"[descriptive error message]" }



Error Examples

      "message":"Your usage has been throttled due to high activity. Please wait and try again later.\r\n                                                    \r\n                                                                                                               See our \u003ca href=\"\"\u003eFAQ\u003c/a\u003e for more information."