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Last modified on 1/26/2016 9:36 AM by User.


API Update 0019 - 25/01/2016 <consullist> element not processing

<consullist> element not processing


Within the output of api call


in the <consuls> section, the list of countries was being output as a single unspaced string

Testing and Reproducing

Initially, the problem was quickly reproduced on other ports which contained <consullist> elements. It also reproduced on our testing and development servers. The symptom could NOT be reproduced offline.

The relevant code was reviewed and no obvious problems identified. The templates involved were eventually isolated into a single module and committed to a test server. During this process some discrepancies were noted between the local commits and testing server. The server repository was interrogated and an error identified. This was fixed and the system retested. The improved and more modular template code was retained.


The change affects information returned by the /api/port/nn/info.html call

Affected input parameters: None

Affected output formats: HTML

Affected fields:

Usage notes:
The <consullist> container and contents in the xml should now render as expected as an html table containing a flag icon and country name label per consul.

/api/port/info API call