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Drydock information is a very important part of a ports information. It is available in 3 ways from the API:

  1. As part of the port record, we get details of the graphic symbol for the port
  2. as part of the summary information, and
  3. detailed drydock information is available from the port details.

Port Record

From the port record we get

which returns



The symbol_d value refers to symbol 311 which refers to image


The meaning of the symbols are explained in more details on the legend, but essentially the number of 'spikes' on the symbol indicate the size of the dry dock facility. So 4 spikes = the largest drydocks, 1 spike the smallest and no spikes implies there are no drydock facilities.


In the summary record, 

So will give

<div id="summary" port_id="0"><div id="s_maxsize"><span class="s_hdg">Max. Size:</span><span class="p" alt="Last updated 2008-01-24" title="Last updated 2008-01-24">LOA 300 m., draft 11.9 m. (tidal).</span><span class="s_sub_hdg">Bulk:</span><span class="p" alt="Last updated 2006-01-23" title="Last updated 2006-01-23">Depth 11.2 m.</span><span class="s_sub_hdg">Containers:</span><span class="p" alt="Last updated 2006-01-23" title="Last updated 2006-01-23">Depth 13.2 m.</span><span class="s_sub_hdg">Ro-Ro:</span><span class="p" alt="Last updated 2006-01-23" title="Last updated 2006-01-23">Depth 11.2 m.</span><span class="s_sub_hdg">Tankers:</span><span class="p" alt="Last updated 2005-12-08" title="Last updated 2005-12-08">Depth 10.7 m.</span></div><div id="s_fuel"><span class="s_hdg">Fuel:</span><span class="p" alt="Last updated 2011-07-04" title="Last updated 2011-07-04">Available with notice.</span></div><div id="s_airport"><span class="s_hdg">Airport:</span><span class="p" alt="Last updated 2008-01-24" title="Last updated 2008-01-24">Adelaide Int'l, 13 km.</span></div><div id="s_drydocks"><span class="s_hdg">Repairs/Drydocks:</span><span class="p" alt="Last updated 2011-07-04" title="Last updated 2011-07-04">Ship lift 20 m. x 80 m., capacity 2,600 tons.</span></div></div>

which shows that in Adelaide there is a Ship lift 20 m. x 80 m., capacity 2,600 tons.



<drydock fac="yes"><hd2>Operator</hd2><p>Egio Engineering. Tel: +61 (8) 248 4333. Fax: +61 (8) 248 3871.</p><hd2>Facilities</hd2><p>80×20 m. ship lift, capacity 2,600 tons.</p><p ptype="ind">Also see "<xref doc="au/002747/text" hcode="drydock">Sydney</xref>".</p></drydock>

The details